Kind Words From Our Dear Clients

There is a whole lot of mutual love and respect between the Rose City midwives and our clients! We are deeply humbled and honored to witness the magic of birth and to have been the chosen support people for hundreds of families over the years. Each family we serve occupies a space in our hearts forever. The special bond between midwife and client is what nourishes our souls and keeps us going after all those sleepless nights! We want to extend our most sincere gratitude to our clients- our biggest teachers and our biggest inspirations.


"I have the rare perspective of knowing Liz and Melissa as both colleagues and fellow midwives (having attended dozens of births with each of them) and as a client. When I got pregnant with my first baby, Liz was one of the first people I told and I immediately knew that she should be my midwife.  Liz and Melissa are the most incredible team. They strike a perfect balance between providing evidence-based care and informed choice, with sensitive, personalized relationship-based care. They are the right combination of smart, funny, sweet and just a little bit witchy (a requisite of all midwives). As a client, I can vouch for their kindness, attentiveness and compassion. As a fellow midwife, I can attest to their incredible attention to detail, skill, good judgment and quick decision-making. I trust these women deeply. I would highly recommend them to those nearest and dearest to me. You will be truly well taken care of in your pregnancy, birth and postpartum."
- Stephanie, CPM, IBCLC and mama of Avery

"I had the opportunity to have Melissa care for me during 2 pregnancies. Melissa allowed us to make informed decisions about our pregnancy and out of hospital birth, she was supportive of our decisions and made us confident that we were making the right choices. She holds a wealth of knowledge that she shared during all of our appointments. My pregnancy and child birth experiences have made me feel empowered as a woman and mother. Melissa not only supported me throughout my pregnancy but also in the weeks following my births.
I find it hard to express the gratitude we have towards our midwife. She provided my wife and I with peace of mind throughout both of my pregnancies. During my labor she was hands off allowing my body to do what needed to be done, when the time came that I needed her she was there supporting me and guiding our sweet babe into the world. Melissa continues to inspire me as a mother and I am grateful to be able to call her a friend".

Leigh Anne, mama of Kaia and Lincoln


"It was so easy to immediately bond with and trust Liz as a knowledgeable, supportive, and professional midwife to best care for my baby and me. I looked forward to all my prenatal appointments with her because I always left feeling tenderly cared-for, healthy, and reassured. 
The evening I went into labor, it got intense really fast. I told my husband I thought it was time to call Liz and she arrived so quickly. I'll never forget my relief when I saw her walk through the door. I started having a contraction and she jumped right into action, rubbing my back in just the right way and telling me I could do this. She seemed to know intuitively anything I might need before I asked for it, and she never left my side all night long. Whenever I started to doubt my ability to cope with labor pains and push my baby out, Liz helped me move to a better position and reminded me that she believed in me. I am so grateful to have been surrounded by her loving warmth and support at the moment we welcomed my daughter into the world. My husband and I would feel honored to have Liz at the birth of any future children we may have".
Rosie, mama of Ada

"When I found out I was pregnant, my very first thought was, 'I need to find a good midwife'. After multiple interviews and intense research, I confidently chose Melissa and Liz. I knew they would provide safe, knowledgeable and empowering care but I had no idea the life-long impact these two amazing humans would have on my family.
Melissa brings the most contagious positive energy to every appointment and her true passion for women's health radiates out of her. She's reassuring, calming, positive, and magical. Her intuition during my very fast labor truly blew my partner away and he still talks about her wizardly magical ways when our birth is mentioned. It is clear that Melissa has extensive experience, that she is a well loved woman, that she is a wonderful mother, and that her clients are better people for having her care during this incredibly influential part of life.
I met Liz before I met Melissa and I felt an instant connection with her. Liz is calm, incredibly funny, and knowledgeable. Her extensive experience and trust of the care she provides are obvious upon meeting. She is realistic, she is reassuring, and she is incredibly easy to talk to and be around. Liz has a deep love for the families she serves and it radiates from her. She has an incredibly contagious laugh that makes every appointment fun to be at. Liz knew the right things to say and not say during my intense labor and I am forever grateful for her poised decision making.
Liz and Melissa are the dream team of midwives as they complement each other so well. I feel blessed beyond words that I found them, that they had an opening in my due month and that they were a part of my transition in to motherhood. I had a wonderful, empowered, and incredibly safe home-birth thanks to these women and I cannot thank them enough."

- Kara, mama of Raymond

"I was blessed to have three beautiful birth experiences. The one factor that I believe tied all these experiences together as being supported and ideal was Melissa Gordon-Magnus. Melissa, as my doula for my first two births, and midwife for my third, was truly a Godsend. She was always present and knowledgeable throughout my pregnancies. And the steady and loving presence I deserved and cherished during my labor.  I recommend Melissa to everyone I know, and am forever grateful to have her as part of my birth story."
Jessica, mama of Simone, Zion and Iza

"My husband and I were conflicted over where we would go for prenatal care, until we met Liz.  Liz is everything you want in a midwife.  She is the ultimate professional.  She pairs this extreme competency with unbridled kindness, compassion, and humor.  Liz became not only my medical practitioner, but also my confidant and my friend.  I trusted her completely, which I believe is essential to having a successful out-of-hospital birth.  I knew she would ensure the safety of me and my baby, while also ensuring that I had the type of birth I yearned for.  I quite literally could not have delivered by daughter without Liz.  I had a long and exhausting labor and delivery.  There were plenty of times that I could have thrown in the towel due to mental and physical fatigue, but I had complete confidence in myself as a woman, in large part because Liz had complete confidence in me.  Every time I look at my daughter, I am reminded of Liz and my whole midwifery team, and I am thankful."
Alex, mama of Thea

"We had our daughter with the help of Liz in April of 2016.  At each prenatal visit she was friendly, welcoming, professional and knowledgeable.  She made me feel comfortable, which for a first time mom, isn’t always easy.  She answered our questions and gave me insight into vitamins and little things I could do to alleviate my pregnancy symptoms.  When it came to the big day she was reassuring and calm under pressure and made me feel like I was in experienced and caring hands.  I had a long labor and she helped suggest different positions to encourage the baby to come quicker.  She was a huge support for me, both mentally and physically.  We plan to have more children and we would wholeheartedly want to work with Liz again."


UPDATE from June 2018:

"We had our second child with Liz in June of 2018 and our first home birth experience.  The entire process was comfortable and we felt informed; my husband and I felt assured at every step.  We could not have had a more wonderful experience with the birth of our son; my husband was as present and involved as he was able to be and his role in my labor was respected.  I felt totally supported and well-cared for and I only wish I had a good reason to continue seeing my wonderful midwives on a regular basis!"

- Erin & Ben, parents of Charlotte & Ryley

"As a first time mother, I was incredibly blessed to find Melissa. After meeting with her for an initial interview, I knew right away I wanted her to lead my birth team and I couldn't hire her fast enough! I left that meeting feeling encouraged, empowered, and confident that I had found a qualified and capable midwife to support my pregnancy and birth.
Each prenatal visit was a special time that I looked forward to for connecting and learning more about my growing baby. Melissa answered all of my many questions patiently with warmth and wisdom. She listened to me with presence of mind and eased my fears with kindness and compassion. I was consistently provided with evidence-based information to help me make informed choices about my body and my baby. I truly felt respected and in control during such an important time in my life. Melissa also used our time together to get to know me and how to best meet my needs. This all had a direct impact on how ready I felt when the time came for my son to be born. Thanks to her, I felt relaxed, immensely supported, and safe during my labor and birth. Melissa's care far exceeded my expectations, making my first delivery a calm, enjoyable experience.
Six years later, Melissa guided me through my second pregnancy and first home birth. My trust in her as a skilled and experienced midwife made me feel content in my choice to birth at home this time. With her conscientious care I felt confident once again in my ability to maintain a healthy pregnancy and have a successful outcome. Labor this time was more intense but Melissa got me through it, holding my hand (literally and physically) during the worst part. She provided the exact support I needed to have the home birth I desired.
I am eternally grateful to have had Melissa as my midwife. With her assistance I was able to have two amazing birth experiences, bringing my babies into the world in the gentle way I hoped for. I will forever sing her praises and enthusiastically recommend her to anyone who is seeking exceptional midwifery care".

- Chelsea, mama of Jay & Eden

"Melissa has been my midwife for nine years, four pregnancies, and three miscarriages. I love her. She has been there with and for me through all those different experiences. She holds a safe space for me to process my birth and miscarriage experiences. My questions are met with knowledge, experience, and compassion. She has working relationships with doctors and hospitals for referrals when needed. On top of it all, I have always felt she trusted my inner wisdom. Melissa is my trusted midwife".

- Debi, mama of Emily, Porter, Sarah, Eva, Rachel & Samuel

"Liz was an amazing midwife, from beginning to birth, and beyond. She was always patient with our questions, quick with a smile and hug, and reassuring throughout.
When my wife's water broke, she answered the phone in the middle of the night, and was at our home in the morning to check up on her. She stayed with us when we were admitted to the hospital, and helped us understand our situation and our choices.
Her advice, energy and comfort made the birth of our son an incredible and wonderful event in our lives".

- Sébastien & Hope, parents of Corbin


"Melissa was my midwife for 4 years. During that time she supported me through two miscarriages and the births of my 2 youngest children. Throughout my time in her care I experienced joys and challenges and Melissa met me in those moments with genuine compassion and support. Her knowledge and gentle guidance helped me feel calm and confident. I remember a moment in one of my births when I was suddenly overcome with fear. Melissa looked me directly in my eyes and held onto my hands. Her presence made me feel like I was wrapped up in a warm blanket of safety and love. When she held me during this moment, I was able to surrender to the sensations of birth knowing that Melissa would keep me safe. She is extremely competent in her clinical skills and I trust her judgement completely. I know that in any setting--whether a miscarriage, a birth at home, or one that moves into a hospital setting--that Melissa will be there for me and my baby. I am inspired by her strength and genuine love for those around her. Words do not express how highly I recommend her to any parent"

Emily, mama of Henry, Clara, and Barnaby

"My husband and I are planners, the conception and pregnancy of our child was talked and planned for, for 9 long years through school, moves, career changes, and family and life milestones. We knew we wanted a home birth, if possible, and I diligently solicited my mama tribe long before my little zygote was even implanted.
When the joyous plus sign appeared it was go time. Scheduling appointments and go-sees and then waiting. At last the day came, our first midwife interview, I'd heard great things about Alma but knew relatively little about Melissa besides some passing praise and her online bio. I went into this appointment expecting to be judicious about my choice but after Melissa and her all her sweet kind comfort touched my tightly wound anxious planner aura, I knew no one else would be right.
We experienced a wonderfully healthy and fairly normal pregnancy with my son, though our lives were in tumult learning of my husbands impending and then postponed deployment and a undertaking a huge remodel. As health professionals, myself in public health and my husband a paramedic, we both came with a lot of knowledge and frankly baggage of what could go wrong and what we had seen go wrong. Balancing that could not have been easy but Melissa made myself, and Nathan feel comfortable and secure in our choice with her experience, planning, and knowledge. Each appointment, my first-time mama worry and indeed my general anxiety about most things, melted away. Melissa held the space for me to be all the things I was afraid to show the outside world, she let things be good or messy or hard and let me process that in the wake of growing this child. In that exam room I was a friend, I was loved, I was safe and so was my husband. Our milestones were celebrated with genuineness and joy as if she were celebrating then just as wholeheartedly as we were.
When the day finally came, our son was heading earth side in a snow storm. It was a logistically challenging, long 2nd stage with an even longer and stalled 6 hour round of pushing kind of labor. Each plan we had petered out and I got more and more tired and began to lose my fight. But Melissa's steadfast calm and grounding mothering pulled me from my labor to my birth, with a gentle strength and experienced hand. Even if I did nothing but moan and apologize at her for 16 hours. I never felt alone or insecure, she was there every moment to remind me or support me but always gave me the space to try things my way and give me time before suggesting or instructing. My beautiful son, Malcolm Douglas, was born into that icy morning on my husband's side of the bed into the safety of the most beautiful tribe of people I could have hoped for with Melissa leading the pack. Her care did not stop at that moment, but multiplied tenfold to care for my son, myself, and my husband in our new state of 3 and did not waiver. Even 11 months later I feel her care and love for my family and our journey to coming together. I'd trust no one more than Melissa to help me bring my next child into the world and I can't wait for us to walk that path together again".

- Tessa, mama of Malcom